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Radical Something - California

This summer’s hottest group Radical Something dropped it’s newest track “California” today. Filthy Slaps is located in California and we are totally feeling the idea of this song! Check out this new slap and look into their second most recent song Long Hair Don’t Care. Download Radical Something - California

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Wings (Official Music Video)

Macklemore is one of my favorite artists of all time. He has brought us classics like Otherside and Irish Celebration. After seeing Macklemore and listening to endless hours of his music I am ecstatic to see this music video finally be released. The song Wings, originally performed as an accapella poem, I urge each and everyone of you to listen to his music and notice the positive morals he promotes. Be sure to download this track below and explore the story of mastermind Ben Haggerty. Download Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Wings

Personal Favorite!


Rob Resnick - Moment Over Nothing (Ft. Drake and Rebecca Black)

Rob Resnick of the one and only Timeflies dropped this just now and it’s fly. Everyone knows there is nothing better than a Rebbecca Black remix! Download this track below and expect to see quite a few more remixes of Rebecca Black’s new song! Download Rob Resnick - Moment Over Nothing (Ft. Drake and Rebecca Black)


Sol - The Times (feat. Grieves & Budo)

The Times is Sol’s newest track and he chose 2 great guys to collaborate with. Grieves (seen above) and Budo help Sol create this slow paced Hip-Hop/Rap song. I’m really hoping to see a video for this track sometime soon in the future. Look out for Sol’s upcoming mixtape Dear Friends, Vol. III which drops July 25th. Download Sol Ft. Grieves & Budo - The Times

Tyga - Well Done 2 (Mixtape)

Tyga, with the help of YMCMB (Young Money), just dropped this mixtape. This is really similar to Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings. He took some of the best instrumentals out there, mostly from past Young Money songs, and Tyga rapped over them. Below are 3 select songs from it. Enjoy. Download Tyga - Well Done 2 (Mixtape)


Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, & Big Sean - O.T.T.R.

Wiz just dropped this dope track on his Tumblr. It is a chill, jazzy instrumental. This is a nice dream team of rappers right here. It’s almost like another Radical Something. Definitely download this track! Enjoy.
Download Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, & Big Sean - O.T.T.R.


Logic - Mind Of Logic Ft. Camille Michelle Gray

This is Logic’s newest piece of work and I’m digging it. By combining an Indie type of filming with some Hip-Hop effects Logic makes a completely swagged out video. Download this one forsure! Download Logic - Mind Of Logic Ft. Camille Michelle Gray


Outasight - Setting Sun

A new track from the one and only Outasight was released in honor of his 10,000th facebook fan. It’s a real slap and I recommend all of you check it out! Download Outasight - Setting Sun


3LAU - Yacht Week In America

3LAU and his manager shot us this via email today. It is an awesome mashup, with a bunch of different artists. Like Katy Perry. He marked the genre as “Dancefloor Filth.” We agree 100%. Enjoy. Download 3LAU - Yacht Week In America


Huey Mack - Hope Solo

Huey Mack promised this songs release a little before the game. Even though I am extremely sad the USA lost, the release of this song might just get me through. I don’t know if he is really drunk or if he is just being the usual clown that he is at heart. Best line of the song? “I’m sorry hope if you are hearing this.” Download Huey Mack - Hope Solo